Q. Are your herring and sardines wild caught or farmed?

A. Our herring and sardines are wild fish caught off the coast of Nova Scotia in the North Atlantic Ocean. 


Q. Are our cans BPA free?

A. The cans are lined with a BPA free, FDA approved coating.


Q. What type of salt and how much do you use in your products?

A.  We use food-grade salt , FDA approved . The kippers have 3.4 mg of sodium per gram and the smoked mackerel has 3.8 mg of sodium per gram. The mackerel picks up slightly more salt in processing. Non-smoked products also have salt added for flavour.  


Q. What type of sunflower oil do you use and what are the reasons and benefits of using this oil in the product? Is the sunflower oil cold pressed or solvent expelled?

A. We use sunflower oil for the light taste and since it is non-GMO ( genetically modified organism) .  The sunflower oil we use is mid-oleic which has 20% oleic and 65% linoleic. 


Q. How much mercury is in your products?

A. Total mercury levels are well below, in general about one tenth the Canadian standard for total mercury. 

Q. Why is the can of fish not full?

A. All cans are hand packed and the size of the fish varies as these are wild caught fish.  The fish is cooked during the sterilization process  which removes water from the herring and the fish shrinks. 


Q. Why does the tab break when I open the can? What can I do to make it work?

A. We are working on this issue as unfortunately it does come up from time to time. When opening the can ensure the tab is straight as it is lifted.  It is possible to use a can opener as well.